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About us


We believe that everybody deserves a chance in life. It’s why we do what we do. Our Saturday Kitchen gives the homeless a chance to enjoy a hot meal and a few hours of normality. Our Community Pantry gives those struggling to make ends meet the chance to provide for their families. Our Holiday Hunger initiative gives parents the chance to feed their children the during school holidays. And your endless support gives us all the chance to keep going. To help fight homelessness, poverty and hunger for good.  


Our Vision is:

That everyone has a safe place to call home, with food to eat and an opportunity for their voice to be heard.


Our Mission is:

To reduce homelessness, social exclusion and promote dignity.


Our Values are:

We value and treat everyone with respect and dignity

We appreciate our service users, volunteers and trustees

We have integrity and act in an ethical, fair and open manner in all that we do

We care about out service users, volunteers and local community

We aim to empower our service users

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